Coping with bereavement, healing, moving on. Its called survival.

I have a vision, a huge wide landscape,

maybe moorland or marginal land.

My wife is there, we are looking at each other,

but separated by a great distance, beyond hearing.

It is country we love, appreciate, understand.

We wave, but must move on.

She looks healthy, resilient.

Where will she rest tonight,

its not my business anymore.

More than three years now,

it cannot be done any quicker.

The landscape the plants and animals

all respond to the tick-tock of the year,

all are machinery like a giant clock.

She was troubled and hurt badly,

all beyond my ken.


We all meet our Maker and are answerable,

my wife Christine will be honoured and applauded for her lifetime of self-less good effort.

I'm so glad i knew her.

Mariska Veres ...

This is new to me, yet as we know youtube delights in providing new material. Anything you need to research, give it three successive 24 hr intervals and new gems emerge.

Admittedly its Dutch and certainly they enjoy themselves but at the end we get a good rendition of Venus. What I hadn't realised is that she died 2006.

As a kid at 38 North Lane i'd hear this blasting across the North Sea from Radio Veronika ie a Dutch pirate and it was a bonus not to hear crappy links or adverts in English ! So that is why Stimorol is so embedded into my memory .....


Here the EU is contrary to common sense ....

Lets get onto my scrap-book format and jottings of what I find and what interests me, there'll be no trump and most climate change I handle elsewhere, just brief resumes of such things at most.

I want to expand on this later, I'm reading a book by Nancy Scheper-Hughes and I'm learning about the abysmal social engineering and high-mindedness of the EU Early Retirement Scheme.... how jarring this is to common sense and decent values in the west of Ireland.

Micky Bliss ...

Saturday nights ie 2100 and I turn to bbc r4 to catch the dramatisation of First War diaries broadcast as 'Tommies'.

I've not heard them all, maybe fifteen or twenty but increasingly and of late they feel 'unreal' even though we are told they are based on actual war diaries. My reality as perceived of WW1 is of unrelenting crap, ie discomfort, privation, bad vittles, even worse sanitation, useless Generals, bombardment, barrage, ear splitting - mind rending insanity,  and endless deaths  ..... but of course I am a working class man and so gravitate to such a viewpoint of the slogger, the Private, the conscript.  However there was crap for everyone high born and low, I read Sassoons memoirs thirty plus years ago (still on the shelves here - as if anyone else has any idea of the contents of this house)  and so have burnt into my mind a little of what was entailed.

My grandfather from his new bride Isabella left for WW1 at age 46 in 1916. Every couple of weeks i drive up there, walk down to the castle and back and if lucky catch up with a friend. I know the countryside around too ... it has 'my stuff;' ie something new to the archaeological record ... borne by observation and an enquiring mind. He returned with shrapnel in an eye, but however still alive and so could continue to earn a wage. My dad 'Robbie' was born 1920 named from the great bard himself, my Auntie Annabel preceded him by four years, just as he left.

This more recent unreality of 'Tommies' i also felt when listening to 'The Ashington Group' or was it 'Pitmen Painters' broadcast on radio a few years ago, ie an unreality ... it was NOT how ordinary men would have spoken or responded, the script let them down. I believe the characters in the play were 'under-served' ie undersold in their ability. i wish they had asked me, I actually gardened for George Stephenson (ie consultant for this production) and wow could he not handle that I had criticism (heard by chance whilst on holiday in the Lakes say 2005) for what I had heard. Sorry, I've a natural sensibility that has an ear for the authentic or viable and it will NOT be suppressed because i do not belong to any particular 'magic circle' or mutually selected elite.

Maybe i should write plays or at least be consulted.... aha ... no such thing, its all sown up, why bother!

postscript April 2019 .. this thing re the latter episodes all going wrong ... a fabulous bbc r4 radio series 'China Towns' (had me rivetted) played early 2019 likewise went all wrong in the second last and particularly the last episode, of the latter i had to turn off after a couple of minutes and only turned on again to hear the last few words. It was harrowing as threads were played out to their conclusion.


My life goes well ...

I've been thro some dreadful crap; but human spirit, optimism is always with me.

My wifes thirty day illness was the death of her, she dreaded November and a possible viral chest infection as per three years previous. Docs hovered but didn't have the insight, never waste your time asking a nurse and be aware that once the Paramedics get on the scene it can all go wrong, which it did and twenty minutes later she's dead 01:10 Christmas morning.  There should have been an inquest, even the last Doc to attend ten hours before comforted and said it'll be okay, I have yet to hear any answer from him re her ten days of fast breathing after getting up and at going upstairs. Ten days of UNDIAGNOSED blood clots. To his credit he did say we'll have to look at blood thinning but it would be after Xmas as etc etc. Surely ilnness is a 365 attendance. His evening phone call five days later wanting to cacel the Post-Mortem was particularly crass and inept, the Coroner trying the same move seven hours previous.  Wrong anti-emetic was prescribed at first intervention, her allergic reaction to this should have been visible from her notes. The coughing and wretching was horrendous, she never complained. They insisted she slow here breathing "I can't I can't" and "Get me out of here" were her last words before she fell back in my arms, the Paramedics had dominated insisting she slow her breathing, blind to the obvious.

In my opinion its not lack of funds that is the problem with the NHS it is attitude and a general 'lack of thinking'. Its as if the Docs cary no previous experience or insight.

A couple of months later I get into conversation with a new face at the supermarket ... she gets the full story told as fast as poss as became my habit and I never saw her again. A perfect match if wife to the last Doc to attend and hey presto a couple of years later meet an ex-nurse of that practice and yes, my description fits perfectly for his wife, also a Doctor (but said no when asked if).

No tv as no time for it, but books, memorisation, cooking and the dozen usual things that humans do actually keep me interested. Ever onward, the past is gone; we do as well as we can and lets build on it.....  theres no slouching on couches in this house !! At sixty you are a degrading edifice, choose wisely for your time. When my wife was here I had so much time to read, little ten minute dips are all I can afford or find time for nowadays.

I blog on climate change (my new passion since Nov 2017) elsewhere.

My dog Smud is alive and well, thirteen in Nov 2018 but still with the balls to put the two new dogs next door in their place.

I've always maintained the answers and joy, purpose and discovery are all held within, its pointless looking to others for these things.

However, I'm quick to anger, intolerant of the slow or of the deceptive. Maybe with hindsight I would have been a little more critical of those that could fine well do better with their lives, or wives that do not share the full story; again, the past is gone.

Here in l'il old UK the bbc is tardy to reveal trump in his full horror ie bbc r4 news is biased and omits much of trump, I'm sure they buy in 'pre-packaged audio' to spice up their reports so thank goodness the web affords me a window on the world, but its an increasing minefield, beware of misinformation and spin. Note bbc r4 most always will promote the pro-trump supporter much in excess over the critic. Web news re climate change is quiet ie summer 2018 but its only at the start of autumn that we'll see fuller reporting re the downward spiral we inhabit, wildfires, drought, jet stream change. I'd certainly say the water table here in north UK is low, there can be a downpour and a couple of days later the soil is dry again.

This link here prompted me to set finger to keyboard, a most useful ten minutes on anothers life experience ....

postscript... its taken me eight years from when he had his first bouts of pain to realise that when my dog arrived at a favourite place his merely walking around the car and refusing to leave its perimeter is actually him showing me  ... a) he feels he cannot go on a walk  ... b) he's frightened I do take him on a walk.  Dogs communicate far more and far more subtly than many humans realise. I can elict responses from Smud by incredibly subtle and slight indications.

BBC bias ...

BBC bias seems to know no bounds from what i heard yesterday on bbc r4 ... I think it was say the Eddie Mair programme at 5pm, not totally sure on this, or was it lunchtime news after 1pm?  Anyway I'm not very keen on him mostly, can be annoying at times with his over ponderous self regard but quite oddly when i very occasionally read his Radio Times column our writing style, manner and content coincide quite remarkably.

Point is, the excerpt of brief audio of trump supporters 'in the field' was most unsettling, projecting air time to obvious total inaccuracy ie misguided fools sounding as if paid to sing the praises of a chaotic and most evil idiot, the idiot at the helm namely trump.  Staggeringly even now polls indicate roughly half of Americans think Climate Change will not really affect them to any extent! I would like to see how the poll was taken, how the questions were framed. Yes it will bite and very hard too, its a one way street, theres no exit road from what is ahead.

Coming soon is G-7 and meeting Kim Jong-un (if trump doesn't bottle out) ... each to the nasty simpleton in his mind will be a walk-on shaky hands job, a few platitudes, wisecracks andno idea of International Relations ..... done! Oh yes and to sit there with his hands framing an inverted vee. Strange but true. Observation is the first step to realise something is wrong, whatever it may be.

trumps belligerence will come back to haunt him in many ways, soon when the USA has to go begging and crow-barring its way onto the open market for grain and food supplies I hope the free world makes them pay and pay high. What trump has travelled to in his crazy nonsense machine surely to God should never have been allowed.

Characteristics ....
He's a puppet manipulated by over-rich self interested old white men with narrow, regressive and out-dated views.
Reading is a problem for him, hence data and a 'developed' line of reasoning and arguament is denied to him.
It is in his nature to unsettle, to be chaotic, to display utter disregard and contempt for others.
He projects a phony 'Only I can solve the problem' ....
As a teenager i wld imagine best avoided, destructive, a whirlwind of misbehaviour, never studying.
He cannot relate to the suffering of others, the predicament of others.
His whole life has been one of fraud, fakery, whim.
Destructive, delighting in chaos.
Lurching from one disaster to the next, discarding people, situations as unwanted toys.

I can just imagine him as a teenager throwing someones book bag out the window at school, or likewise throwing it into the river; heartless, cruel. Never quiet, never once capable of acquiring knowledge.

To my mind he also knows that Climate Change is real and happening and the unfolding will be horrendous, that is why he has disowned the poor, disowned people of colour and refuses refugees. That is why he is so adamant the wall with Mexico is escalated to a fortress wall and will become militarised. It is why he wants to open up coal and restrictions, so for a handful of years things seem to 'proceed as normal' the lights are kept on. Likewise dismantling all the progress made by Obama, particularly health care for the ordinary. As is often quoted, don't bother with what trump says (he's a flannel machine) as look at what is happening.

I wonder if he's ever realised what is happening when Jimmy Stewart walks down Main Street Bedford Falls after wishing he'd never been born and old man Potter got to take over and control the town. Right now  'old man Potter'  has indeed taken over the controls in the USA and still has been able to assemble and keep aligned with his evil journey some of the media to promote his views ie Fox and disgracefully the radio piece on BBC r4 yesterday. The bbc would supposedly cite fairness in reporting but I suggest this obviously 'bought-in' piece stinks to high heaven ....

But its not just trump, most certainly there are rancid nasty old men of money and imagined power that pull his strings, that lobby and whisper, as Pound would say 'corpses set to banquet'. They've found someone, a form of idiot savant that takes on board whatever was last said to him or viewed on Fox.

Its a book I've never seen but I'm sure a lot of his moves come from a well promoted American title of the 1950's .. 'How to win friends and influence people' ie his little put downs, the creepy handshake, 'Only I can solve it' ... the phony posturing on his ability to 'make the deal'. The latter shamelessly put forward in the phony interview/ sound clips on yesterdays BBC radio news. I'm sick and tired of hearing how badly done to the bbc is, how with their vast budget they struggle !

My dog is old ....

My dog is old
and I love him much.
He knows me very well
my preoccupations, my enthusiasms.

But time in some ways is my enemy
what is here now must perish.
So dear so beautiful,
but tomororrow or another will be gone.

How I hate the ticking of the clock
the herald of what you hate.
Love is vital
and vital that we give it, in full.

Thank God for tramadol
the vets new idea.
Otherwise he's crabbed and whimpering
or screaming.

We hope in miracles
and an owner
that knows to never stress him.
Yet never seems to learn.

climate change page two ..... won't allow any more data to be added to my first post  which was a result of my 'turning on' to climate change in November 2017.

ie  ... sunspots, methane and the need for carbon capture....

Climate change DENIERS from trump downwards ie Scott Pruitt Head of EPA do not matter, they are left far behind paddling hopelessly in their little 'pond' of denial, something that should be classed as a treasonable offence rather than trumps called for treasonable as 'not applauding' his nonsensical paper thin pointless and vacuous homilies. Yet trump does indeed realise climate change is real and happening, hence his handing back so much in tax reductions to the already obscenely rich and Corporations and disassociating himself and his so-called administration from the anxious and the poor. As my friend Bill Gray explained himself  'I am an egaliterian' a statement i concur and that we believe all are or should be born as equal and all have equal opportunity. When Bill first said that when we met around 2010 my immediate answer was "I too have been saying that for thirty years!" ... but Bill has gone now, sadly missed having died a couple of years ago (Henry Street Gosforth) and I was lucky to have known him; I'm glad I knew him.

trump can be viewed as 'dumbed down' (perhaps too much of tv and no interest/ability with the written word) but in fact there are many strange and monied voices whispering in his ear, he has talents enough also witness the number of 'Generals' and suchlike he has surrounded himself with, quite odd I think to do this. Yesterday news broke of his loony call for a Military Parade !! Maybe I should watch the Chaplin film 'The Great Dictator', perhaps trumps shenanigans were pre-guessed. Note I do not use upper case in prefacing his name, I deny him this.

Burning fossil fuels has triggered feedback loops that a few decades ago we never knew existed. There are now natural forces at work of immense unstoppability that we humans can not turn back, Pruitt and trump are sadly sadly ignorant of the real world. For instance google-search 'Arctic methane' in three distinct forms ie as hydrates (frozen under shallow seas on the East Siberian Ice Shelf), microbial from tundra and geological from oil and gas deposits which until now were safely sealed off by ice which cannot do anything but erupt into the atmosphere of this planet. Methane is twenty to a hundred fold (depending upon timescale) more effective at destroying oxygen based life than CO2.

Climate change as is happening right now and revealed by real world data is the most powerful and impressive example of inter-connectedness and something as humans we are powerless to stop. The beauty of this irony is quite astounding, we have utilised the oil from diatoms to create gasoline, aviaton fuel etc and have achieved one hundred years of mobility and technological advancement, now it has turned and well and truly bitten us on the arse. The methane that will kill us all is partly from geological deposits (the two other sources being frozen hydrate and microbial action from thawing permafrost, terrestial and subsea) associated with up till now ice sealed oil and gas being there in the first place from diatoms. What were until very recently the diatoms in the Pacific have decided to withdraw their oxygenating powers ie CO2 to O conversion; for instance plankton in the Pacific appears dead, absent or mutated and hence everything further up the foodchain will suffer or die out in the Pacific area, it is happening right now. In the instance of the Pacific it is Fukushima that looks to have caused it all in my opinion, temperature change adding to the diatom and plankton loss; three reactors are in meltdown somewhere deep within the earth and no-one can say with certainty where they actually are !!!  We have become too clever thinking we can cope, reality is sadly different, yet the reaction of nature has been frighteningly fast.

So, we will become a strand in the geological strata along with vast heaps of waste, detritus, foul junk. Poetry will not matter as no-one or nothing will exist that can read or understand it, languages will become as thin air, art a mere chimera of a few thousand years, wafer thin and compressed to nothing. Remember the length of string from NY to London, it was only five feet from the end that the pyramids appeared, two inches the Industrial Revolution.

Meantime I'll post links and material as I find it ...

Antarctic meltdown ...

ditto ...

mainstream news openly reporting ice loss in the Arctic ....

Greenland ice melt .... note the rivers falling thousands of feet internally  ...

glaciers have to go somewhere ....

Paul Beckwith has near daily updates on the data ....

9th Feb 2018
Heres Paul explaining the loss of 75% of all flying insects in the last 27 years  ....

This week again in north east England its obvious the Government is putting planes into the air for weather modification ie very odd looking parallel and cross tracks of 'con-trails' which in fact are nano-particles of among other things aluminium, they persist visibly and often its a bright blue morning that will signal their impending dulling of the skies. I still cannot understand why this is being done (apart from maybe to give rain?) food growers and field grazing must surely be affected.

It struck me this morning how trump is repeating exactly what Mao did in the dark years of the Cultural Revolution nearly sixty years ago, experts and trained professionals were denigrated, humiliated and pushed to menial positions, departments were closed or left with skeleton staffing, untutored unknowns brought in to head and staff whatever department as if as per Jareds blinding insight "Lets turn it all upside down".   Knowledge and expertise was cast to the wind. I'm thinking especially of the disastrous Scott Pruitt at the EPA, but with trump its everywhere, look at the recently failed Judicial appointment posted on youtube whereby the fool didn't even know day one of anything.

Not easy to find up to date data for plankton loss  ... heres an overview ...

11th Feb 2018
Its a bright clear blue sky albeit a Sunday but here in the UK I'm looking for and unfortunately expecting the dreaded chemtrail phenomena ie air traffic where there shouldn't be any and repeated / stepped flight paths across the sky with others crossing at say sixty degrees. There wasn't any Friday, maybe they save it up as overtime on Sunday. These trails don't fade, they drift and merge to a continuous hazy white cloud cover by noon, destroying any remaining bright blue day. Its also wondered if this ties in with the loss of flying insects, honey bees being regrded as extinct in some parts of the world. Remember food chain and pollination. Apparently its fact that aluminium, strontium, barium will eventually drift to earth and as well as fuelling the dreadful runaway fires in say California last summer its also wondered if they contribute to autism.  Aluminium is highly inflammable / explosive in powder form thats how Thermite can weld continuous rail as a routine procedure and in a modified form bring down huge metal framed structures as controlled demolition. I'm cogniscant of clouds and blue sky as for thirty or more years I have looked for bright blue days in the colder months to be out in the landscape and as with a sundial I only count the sunny days!  Likewise with the vast panorama up at the horses, I have seen thousand of sunsets, observed aircraft trails on the other side of England, soaked up night skies in walk without street lighting. I have 'my hand in at this' so to speak, experience matters a lot as we seem to disregard it so much in this so-called 'modern' world.

This same lack of experience/ built on practical observation I attribute to the death of my wife, both in the Doctors, nurses and particulary the blind and stuipid paramedics. The NHS rates so low in my estimation !!! More trivial visits of mine to the Docs merely contribute to my near non existant belief in their activites. All recently experienced in the last year  .... ie blood taken as wrong identity; a BP visit when the nurse refused to take my BP, two separate repeat prescriptions a month apart being sent to pharmacies I never visit; docs visit and would not examine bruised ribs instead wanting to discredit my 'personality' as manic, shitting themselves I bring legal action re my wifes death, likewise a Docs wife herself a Doc extracting the whole story from me at the Lidl supermarket that I used to visit same time each night, asked if a Doc - NO - lying twat. The NHS is a heap of bullshit. Its evolved protocols hindering rather than helping, trying so hard to be clever but missing the mark. God help you if you call for an ambulance.

back to the reason I am posting today  ....
I'm not sure about the above link, it only tells part of the story. If it is so possible to create rain where its wanted then why droughts in California? Also I think they do mention this so called 'cloud seeding' can effect the jet stream which already has moved from its usual course and split to run over the Arctic and in addition so-called 'cloud seeding' destroys ozone, hinders agricultural production.  That is all surely called 'deep trouble'.

Note when anyone inclined to deny and refute such windows into questionable Gov activities its worthwhile to ask what they understand by the terms they use, to go beyond merely bandying such terms, a little depth; or how much personal research, their quality or quantity of information.

We have to be very careful how we read and digest information, theres a great deal of angle and spin that can be attached to anything, particularly as we are so much web-based.

I call copyright on my own words and text this blog.  2018

Have a laugh with Donald, its Christmas ....

He really does look as if he is now going to play us a medley of favourites at his secretly installed Oval Office keyboard organ. Quite fair to say 'fiddling as Rome burns', his dismantling of the EPA is indeed evil; as with wanting to deport 'dreamers'.

How can I let this pass; thankyou NY Post.

Perhaps some of those old tunes we all know and never knew we'd hear again ....

"You're all screwed now"


"I've got you over a barrel"


"Healthcare what healthcare !"

"Its the thirties again...."

"My lies are big ones"

"America - you're saddled and I'm riding you".

Yes boys and girls with Donald at the keyboard who knows what will happen next. He's having a wail of a time, the plebs are unheard, screwed, eradicated from any care or assistance healthwise, disowned; meanwhile his rich buddies real and imagined are wallowing in cash and crazy tax breaks from a manipulated obscene and unjust Tax Bill, however bear in mind Corporations are being screwed on bringing in overseas earnings, a strange brew indeed and not what can be called prudent or planning. He can lie barefacedly and know fine well he can get away with it, his limited vocab suits fine well for its purpose, hardly able to read or digest data - who notices - but he certainly can weave a web of deceit, his business empire thrives on it.   A most unusual mind (unfortunately).

He knows fine well climate change is the biggie, hence the big handbacks to the Corporations and the wealthy elite and no obligation to the average, the ordinary, the poor. And why no word on the California wildfires ??

He to my opinion suffers from a disordered brain, it seeks to be the opposite of mainstream good sense, witness the bizarre speech he gave Oct 2016 at the fundraising Al Smith Dinner; one would have thought for the first second or two a 'comedy' angle, but no, Donald was being Donald. Destructive, of no valid opinion and strewing chaos.

Reality / real everyday life is beyond his ken, knowing merely a groove worn between his residence, his private resorts and occasional appearances where he lauded and fawned upon. Sycophancy surrounds him wherever he goes, witness the dire Pence and his constant adulation of the back of trumps head....

23rd Jan 2018
Theres been masses of material all new and daily, but heres a good summing up ...

30th Jan 2018
Terrifying prescient view of trump from 2016 and how it will proceed ...

current ...

4th Feb 2018
Heres an illustration of the obscenity of trump climate denial, the absurdity of Scott Pruitts installation and other pointless and cruel choices of appointees. ie the disappearance of glaciers  .... how can it be denied ??

sunspots, methane and the need for carbon capture....

The latest twist of Wrecking Ball trump and as Kim Jong Un wisely termed a 'dotard' which is accurate and correct now extends to body parts of hunted and slaughtered dead animals from Africa. The outcry is global and it would be apt that such wonderful creatures can at last force the downfall and removal of the hideous degenerate that can hardly read, has nothing of value in his head and lies and obfuscates at every turn. Witness his appalling behaviour when interviewed one to one for tv.

I had no idea how ignorant I was 24 hours ago before googling this material ....

Originally this morning it was sunspots and solar activity that i was looking for, something v relevant to me as I spent years when younger listening to shortwave and amateur radio activity, sunspots are tied up with climate, radio wave propagation, climate events, in fact are a major governing factor for life on Earth and so methane soon appears in search results; a whole plethora of interconnectedness that I need to get reading about, I'm too far behind !

I remember too when at school our geography teacher introducing us to tundra and permafrost, never did i realise these things could be so important to the future of the planet and now we can see that even with a perceived 'slight' global warming the Arctic knock-on is disastrous for us all. We should be thankful for having been able to live in such clement times, looks like those days are going and fast. I doubt human nature being what it is could adapt to make the hard choices. Certainly not with a wrecking ball in the White House, a retarded man promoted on pretence and gloss. Where the hell is depth and education, intellect and vigour, the maturity of experience .... with the Imposter trump  .... nowhere! The President should be the finest of men, certainly Obama fitted that description, I grieve that at present a climate denying retard calls the shots, or perhaps is merely the mouthpiece for darker forces; the latter probably being nearer the truth. I never thought I would live in such days.

The orange empty vessel and beauty pageant owner/enthusiast also denies climate change which sort of fits his 1930's 1950's backward unmodified mindset and the obscene appointment of arch climate change denier Scott Pruitt. Though I have here on the shelves and a decade ago read James Lovelocks 'Gaia - Planetary Medicine' and his autobiography which i need to re-read but also have just ordered  'A Farewell to Ice'  by Professor Peter Wadhams, up to date and more telling as to the consequences of massive 'loaded gun' of methane release that up until now was locked into subsea permafrost. But its only in the last few years summer ice has gone from vast shallow seas north and east of Russia and now methane is the enemy, also on tundra it is forcing itself into the atmosphere changing from frozen methane to an active gas, as per the dramatic blowhole pictured below. It is just this morning that the methane thing has connected with me, I've no tv so all my news is self-selected.  There is vast interconnectedness and catastrophic knock-on effects; immensely powerful reactions and expotential consequences are already in motion and as is termed in a favourite expression of mine ie the 'machinery of nature' ....which is now taking over.

I have always been highly sceptical of budget air travel, now I've been proven right and even here in hardly populated Northumberland its plainly obvious the effects of con trails when you look upwards to a bright blue sky. As Peter Wadham says we need to eradicate mass budget air travel and our insistence of personal transport so very at present dependant on fossil fuels. How long will it take till greed, hubris and self serving both corporate and individual egos can comprehend this??  There needs to be huge resources addressed to carbon capture as on the scale of multiple Manhattan Projects, if they did it once they can do it again, but but but.... As Peter Wadham sagely points out it will take a nation such as the USA with its 'go go' approach to do this. I've also always been highly sceptical of mankinds obsession with so called economic growth, with advancing technology, with profits that disappear into the void of shareholder smugness. Quite soon I think many will grieve and yearn for an age when simple handtools were the leading edge and the hearth was what we looked at at nights! Then it will be too late.

The sooner trump goes the better, his climate denial, run-down of science and dismantling of the USA Administration is quite evil, the propagation of chaos being the definition of evil. I'm quite serious on the choice of these words, I always am.

Image result for siberian methane blowouts ... I only wish transcripts were available, I can read far quicker than have to listen to an audio.

Heres a brief and to the point clip  ...

Note in the above clip the scientists tell us that the politicians are being informed with data that erroneously includes as yet science fiction carbon capture which has yet to be a workable technology and would have to operate on a massive scale as to be the worlds most prevelant activity. In other words we are screwed. And meanwhile Scott Pruitt and trump are allowed to continue their madness. In a sense there is calm to be gained when the end result is so certain and so soon. Note how trumps chaos which I register as deliberately evil and his endless of denigrating of the media to mere 'fake news' is sick in its aiding and abetting the refusal to realise what the scientists are telling us is in fact irreversable, inevitable.

a good quick and recent resume of arctic methane  ...

Ice melt ....

Dan Miller on how nothing is being done  ...

The myth of perpetual growth ... I had not conciously known of this mindset in others bar hippies of the sixties, but i my own little place its exactly how I think, in that old simple methods do all that i want and I have designed my products accrdingly to utilise what is available at my place; in my minds eye I can see the factory that i served my apprenticeship forty-something years ago, mostly manual machines which kept people in jobs. One CNC machine and you have eliminated twenty machine / lathe operators. I like the old craft ways, its satisfying.

So, its 24 hours since I switched on to looking at environment and where we are heading. Sane highy experienced scientists are quite seriously predicting mass extinction by 2030 ie in a decade. trump the orange turd (I deny him upper case)  ex beauty pageant and barely able to read advantaged rich boy denies any of this hence re-staffing across America to refute any science and data.  Lets list already what I've found from simple searches, all these things ARE ACTIVELY HAPPENING RIGHT NOW   ....

Fukushima, an absolute disaster and its looking that the Pacific will be killed off ie algae, windblown dust etc.

Arctic methane, is happening and irreversible, is uncontollable, far more potent and damaging than Co2

Meltwater destroying ocean water dynamics, oceans are warming, heat is trapped.

There is massive temperature increase at the Poles, this is already happening.

Melting polar ice is colonised by black algae further accellerating heat absorption.

......and the Sun has been too quiet for too long ie 11 year sunspot cycle.

The machinery of nature is locked into an expotential chain reaction, irrefutable laws of nature locked and playing out.

Oh yes and the slight fact of rising sea levels by many feet. You can forget NY, San Fran, London and all coastal cities around the world, all coastlines within ten years will cease to be recognisable.  This is fact, it is confirmed peer reviewed data and its happening at a speed that even scientists admit is far faster than any modelling or predictions could have forseen. Perhaps nature is God?  Its nice to think some memory would live on, but if sunspots get cranky then probably there will be no such thing as electronic data, maybe only chiselling in stone will conserve the memory but then again who is to know in hundreds or thousands of millions of years what would develop on this spinning ball or could ever read or recognise of anything.

I have a book here 'The History of the Machine' by Sigvard Strandh and i picked it up thinking about an analogy of a knot at the end of a piece of string representing human technology, how wrong I am. The string would stretch 3,000 miles New York to London and its only at less than five yards before landing that we 'see' the first Pyramids of Egypt and see the start of the Industrial Evolution six inches before the string abruptly ceases. The first of the erect apes appear two miles before London, Earths lifespan so far having stretched from NY 3k miles away.

The scientists all admit their modelling is way too conservative and way too slow a timescale. No-one actually wants to hear the realtime accelleration that data demonstrates is actually occurring. All data to governments is watered down, rendered insipid. Witness being a climate change Scientist in the USA today !!!  But even the single point of arctic methane means our fate is sealed never mind all the other contributing factors and on top of all that it is moving ahead unstoppably at an expotential rate of reaction, a closed positive feedback loop. We live in interesting times, the last times.

One can't help but feel Corporate testosterone and the economic push for growth and endless consumerism and the need for a particular advantaged 'lifestyle' has not helped of this. Without a gas guzzling SUV you are not successful, without holidays abroad, jetting to the sun, you are not successful.  I've always maintained it is not the position for ordinary people to expect endless and needless air travel. Again I am proven correct.

Organisations .....  ...  ie the Arctic Methane Emergency Group ... exposing the cover-up.

Twenty four hours ago when i titled this piece including the term 'carbon capture' now from what I can see a day later its not even worth trying, the technology hardly exists and with Arctic methane and its twenty-fold power ability (or hundred-fold depending etc)  to accellerate global warming and the expotential self aggravating manner of natures now unstoppable positive feedback loop is as in any engineering or electronic system where you feed the output back into the input and in effect create an oscillation or 'scream' .... natures equation now takes over and we see basic laws and physics in action, nature running its course and very very quickly too. Natalia Shakhova in joint Russian / Alaskan studies is to be applauded for her efforts and even the shallow sea and its now ongoing Arctic methane release above Siberia is sufficient to create mass extinction we also have in a year or two literally, the whole of the Arctic releasing methane. I know from reading decades ago that the Russians were always very good at the science of soil and suchlike, they developed certainly in earlier years the science itself.

Notice the scientists appear near apologetic for this, they know there is no turning back. Again, with the slowness of World Leaders and the new threats of fake and dotard trump and his endless misrule with 'fake news' its like a most horrible sick joke, something from a Marvel comic. I wonder if in fact trumps endless cry of fake to the media is in fact deliberately engineered to cope with what will happen in the next decade? one could say trump is demonstrating what is worst of human nature but i would say trump is contrary to human nature, as Pound would say Contra Naturnum; he would also say as from his poem 'Usura' that corpses are being set to banquet, the filth and obscenity of excess money having run its course.

The above is from,_the_Northern_Sea_Route_and_Northwest_Passage,_and_bathymetry.png

The above should be a poster on everyones wall.

Note in above the shallow seas all along the northern coast of Siberia, hence the release of previously frozen and trapped methane from all of that region as well as from the thawing tundra of Siberia itself quite beyond sufficient for a very quick mass extinction. Methanes initial effects being a hundred times more potent than Co2.

As one would fear the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is predicting an Arctic sea free of ice by 2040, however scientists 'on the ground' are saying with certainty it will be here by 2020. Note the time lag between what is actually happening and the Panels predictions that I suppose have an eye to what Governments can tolerate hearing, again human nature being the catalyst for its own downfall.

From the latter we find methane from 'dead zones' in the ocean floor in other parts fo the world, west coast Americas and the Gulf of Mexico has a dead zone of 6k sq miles described as a complete dead zone due to run-off from modern agriculture; estimates reckon there are at least 400 known dead zones around the world where methane is the by-product.

the above illustrates that what is occurring right now is way ahead of the IPCC statement of the present danger, which in itself is leaps and bounds a complete 'mindset' of anything beyond which politicians can comprehend or admit; Scott Pruitt / trump the EPA in the USA, and Governments worldwide are apparently incapable of realising reality.

Changes here at my hacienda include what was a small collection of trees/ mini orchard over the garden wall being turned to concrete for a business that is not wanted here, should be on an existing trading estate. The result is halved bird numbers ie thirty spuggies in any flock to hardly ever more than fifteen and another idiot nearby mass-feeding so that swarming gulls are the principal benificiary! Likewise we have long back gardens here and one neighbour has had a long love affair with gravel, yet lately for the third time has skimmed off yet more topsoil including the previous Dogger Bank deposit and is now down to ten inches deeper than my garden and I assume onto the top of the contractors yard and associated diesel that this small estate was built upon; yet bizarrely continuing with gravel, paving and turf. Yet no birds go there, never have done, even when two decades of utter neglect created a swathe of weeds.

I personally feel 2017 has been very dry here in north east UK, contrary to what is said here as a 'wet summer' ...   ... even two days after rain the ground is never sodden, seems to dry or appear dry far too quickly. And that is with careful attendance to allowing plenty of organic material to litter the soil surface, to replicate how nature actually does want soil to look like both for birds, worms, invertebrates, algae, molds and bacteria.
... a new phenomena probably linked to increased methane being released. Funnilly enough i've spent a lot of time looking at the sky, sunsets, clouds from where i can get a good view, would even count as my 'hobby' and is certainly my recreation. Its from that and from my immediate local area/ back garden that con trails for twenty years have been so noticeable and why the big loops just north of here, for what purpose?

note that a con trail dissipates quickly, chem trails persist. Its thought autism may stem from aluminium contamination we receive from aluminium cooking pans, goodness knows it seems to be an epidemic and below we are told aluminium, barium etc are sprayed from aircraft  ....

21 Nov 2017  ... for a quick overview I recommend the Arctic Methane Emergency Group and watch the top RH video. ... for instance some points...

theres 5 gigatons of methane in the atmosphere. theres 1,000 at least in the east Siberian Arctic shelf ie ESAS. never mind lots of other contributing areas worldwide, ie methane coming in off the Pacific that is closely monitored because of aeroplane engines, read  to see how they zap it with radar.

in previous mass extinctions a 100 point Co2 level takes 10k years, we've done it in 30 years, remember the speed of change is in itself catastrophic, nature and climate is a vast machinery that is operating under its own free will determined by all mankinds inputs to that equation, heating, changing weather systems, methane being unfrozen. All are rapid, all realtime now occurences.

so called Geo-Engineering measures as extolled by such people as Tillerson and his quip "Climate change is just an engineering problem"  in fact look set to make matters worse, actually a ploy to continue 'business as usual' for the USA  and deny climate change.  its not just a 'single factor' equation, theres lots involved, many many contributing factors all exacerbating the others, feedback etc. Politicians are not qualified, not mindful to make these decisions, do not have the mindset to handle this guidance from the scientists and still less those that are filled with cant, hubris, self regard.

i feel so sorry for scientists, a lifetime of education and work totally ignored by their intellectual inferiors the politicians.

In all the Arctic waters just about all (even in 2012 the year of the above link) multi-year ice has gone, its all first year ice.

Heres the contributors from the above link i rate as absolute heros of our time ...
Dr James Hansen  ...NASA
Dr Natalia Shakhova ... International Arctic Research Center
Dr Peter Wadhams   ...Cambridge
David Wasdell   ... Apollo-Gaia Project

others to look for are ...
Prof. Peter Cox ... Mathematics Univ of Exeter
Dane Wigington  .. which incidentally tells us solar capture is not working, con trails particularly degrading this process and he asks what are they spraying ??

organisations ...

vids ...   ...Arctic expert Dr Peter Wadhams ... Scientists speak out.
**** remastered of the latter ... and if you've only time for one vid then its this one.

the last vid is very well made pub 2015,  tells us of the extreme drought in California, its been the warmest summer in Russian history and impact on the Jetstream, the importance of it. Also that even in the 'little patch of tundra' 09:58 studied as ESAS ie Yakutia this even itself holds more carbon than all the trees and living matter of the world put together.

Image result for ESAS study map
Above I've quickly pasted a site from Dr Robert Sparkes of Manchester Univ, courtesy of ...

general interest article  ... .. which tells us the North Pole as a place that you can walk on will soon be just water.

Image result for inside a chem trail aircraft

Above is inside a chem trail aircraft ie weather modification. Surely its a no-brainer, heavy metals added to the atmosphere can only be viewed as stupid. Use binoculars and notice that if the trails come from wingtips then its chem trail and they will persist far longer than con trails, which in themselves have been a problem to areas such as California for many decades. Its a measurable fact, solar measuring instruments register this. Also as we find in the link below chem trails can also appear from the engines themselves, turned on and off remotely via satellite.

22nd Nov 2017
Back to the loss of the Arctic ice which is the principal point of this post and the ensuing methane release both from trapped ancient methane which was as a solid but due to rapidly disappearing subsea permafrost and increasingly active microbes that in their airless state ie anaerobic are a methane factory, remembering methane is 20 -120 times more deadly than Co2 to the atmosphere and the Greenhouse Effect. This is the principal point of this post. We are now at the stage of an ice free Arctic sea in summer, Rann Ffiennes can no longer walk there. Heat obsorbency  ....

sunlight on snow and ice, 85% reflected, 15% absorbed.
sunlight on sea water, 7% reflected, 93% absorbed.

Therefore subsea permafrost which already has been warming is basically put into an oven.

Theres also widespread growth of a black algae on the remaining ice, being non-white it absorbs lots of heat that normally would have been reflected. Yet again more forces to melt ice and warm up permafrost and tundra and release the dreaded methane. Add to that the smoke and soot from uncontrollable wildfires, already plenty of that in summer 2017 and set to increase each year, this contamination will melt glaciers this being the link to rising coastal water levels.

Prof Peter Wadham tells us even a few years ago the Arctic ice was now too thin to land a small plane. Prof Wadhams collected data from aboard nuclear submarines under the ice that charted the thickness, not relying on aerial views of what is frozen on the surface, ie multi-year ice, its the 'old stuff' that we need and its absence is the real danger, the warning signal.

As David Attenborough tells us in the foreword to the book to accompany the tv series 'Frozen Planet' in 2011 here at the camp 70 miles from the Pole the ice cracked apart "Oh don't worry say the trip organisers"  two days after he leaves its a ninety foot sea gap and the camp had to hurriedly be evacuated. These are all new phenomena.

Specifically the sub sea east Siberian Arctic iceshelf (ESAS) is unique in the world as to its mean thickness of 20km, twenty times the mean thickness of general worldwide ocean sediments which mean out at only 1km. In other words its the volume of airless anaerobic organic matter that is now an active methane factory, as well as vast amounts of previously solid frozen methane, the permafrost rapidly disapearing as the reflective ice layer above has now disappeared.

The point of the importance of Arctic ice disappearing is that it is altering a huge part of the planet from one state to another, frozen to unfrozen, becoming a highly efficient absorber of heat rather than a reflector of it. in addition the phenomenal amount of methane already seeping out of partly defrosted subsea tundra means the machinery of nature is well and truly under way.

Dr Peter Wadhams Cambs Univ, world authority on Arctic Ice and Professor of Ocean Physics and one of a large number of scientists that openly acknowledge this new set of forces and feedback multipliers are already cascading into irreversible action. He tells us the IPCC is practically ignoring the effect of Arctic sea ice loss and the associated methane release in any of its forecasts and also the IPCC is writing in massive Co2 capture that has yet to be invented, agreed upon or implemented. It seems it takes massive numbers of politicians and aides, meetings etc etc  and needless air travel to sign a few pieces of paper yet little real actual practical gain results from it.

28th Nov. A week later, now I find diatoms and phytoplankton my old friends so to speak and makers of DMS an important climate control gas (a helpful gas discovered by James Lovelock as recently as the 1970's)  is now down 40% from what it was in 1950. Phytoplankton is the major creater of oxygen and recycler of Co2, of bigger mass and contributing more to these functions than all the trees and plants on land. Incidentally ancient diatoms are where we get 70% of the worlds oil and gas reserves. They prefer colder water. Likewise the worlds oceans are becoming  acid, this affects nuitrition and life cycles of all that live there. These are all very sharp downturns, likewise Arctic warming is way faster and hotter than the globe in general. Hence no ice at the North Pole in summers to come.

Also, three quarters of flying insects have gone in the last 27 years. Its not prediction or conjecture, it has happened. U.S. lorry drivers say theres no bugs on the windshield as there used to be, or insects on the windscreen as we say in England.

Yesterday i found out that China is buying vast amounts of land in Africa and South America intending for agricultural production. To quote Prof Wadhams, the same man as linked to many times above ....

I quote ...

The drawback, he says, is that the Chinese are introducing industrial agricultural practices that damage the soil, the water supply and the rivers.

But China is positioning itself for the struggle to come — the struggle to find enough to eat,” he says. “By controlling land in other countries, they will control those countries’ food supply.”

and also  ...
Professor Wadhams told Climate News Network that colleagues “were too frightened of their jobs or losing their grants to spell out what was really happening”. He said it makes him very angry that they are failing in their duty through timidity.

Based on his own measurements and calculations, he believes that summer ice in the Arctic will disappear before 2020 — which is 30 years before the IPCC estimate. He also believes that sea level rise has been badly underestimated because the loss of ice from Greenland and the Antarctic was not included in the IPCC’s estimates.

end of quote.

Likewise Dr Paul Beckwith over at Ontario is a very brave man, speaking their minds and working to counter the fog of Governments and the IPCC.

29th Nov 2017 Thermohaline circulation is a vast worldwide conveyor of heat transportation, oceans warm and the Arctic is the radiator so to speak to expel this heating, hence massive overheating in the Arctic compared to temperature increases at the Equator in these days of global warming. ie Equator is up 1deg C; Arctic 12deg C

I've read some hellish and 'pig-headed' anti-warming material this morning on a blog I will not name, blindly offensive to Prof Wadhams, endlessly derogative. Yet he is a most eminent practical Field Scientist, he knows his stuff so to speak, he knows the Arctic very well. I just wonder if the offending blog was in fact populated by miffed contrarians perhaps also professionals but cannot handle new science moving forward to new hypothesis? Perhaps a need for more roughage in their diet?  I imagine Departments and Universities can be riddled with back-biting and self-deluding campus politics and as we know many researchers are focused to maintaining their grants, their positions, hence pleasing their Government.

The thermohaline is termed a conveyor belt and can switch or be diverted very quickly if masses of colder freshwater come south from the Arctic, which it will;  hitting the Gulf Stream ie water circulation of set fixed pattern and cut off its warming effect to western Europe plunging us back to the climate of Labrador. What is there about this that cannot be understood? How can anyone refute this when out there in the great blue yonder massive oceanic forces are in play, the 'machinery of nature'.

Al Gore explains in simple language  ....

Image result for thermohaline circulation

Note there are specific deep sections and specific shallow paths travelled, heat and salinity being fundamental factors. I just wonder if these flows were what the old whalers would follow to win their bounty, in Hustons 'Moby Dick' based on Herman Melvilles novel theres a memorable scene where Captain Ahab reveals the secret chart built up over many years by New Bedford whalers to follow the herds, killing as they go. I should know, I even have it on mp3 and was born in Whitby, what was once a whaling town centuries ago. Even Prof Wadhams in his book 'A Farewell to Ice' quotes William Scoresby of Whitby.

In more detail, a thousand years for water to travel the full loop  ....

Image result for thermohaline circulation

Note how lucky we are here in the UK with the Gulf Stream.

I never realised until yesterday what good timing and a Godsend Brexit will be to the UK, unlike all the EU as an amorphous borderless blob we have the Channel and Borders to keep out what will be massive of numbers of refugees seeking food. I think now in this last day or two that 'charity' of which we always contributed from this household, wittingly and unwittingly is now done, certainly for overseas recipients. No amount of charity can help what is likely to unfold. Again, I wonder if that is why Trump is divesting himself of the poor and distributing massive handbacks to the already obscenely rich?

Theres also a phenomena called 'chimneys' which are massive downpourings of water at specific and exact points in the ocean, recently discovered and as yet not fully understood. These are vital for the ocean system worldwide.

Also, very interesting  ....

30th Nov 2017 ...

Note that the speed of the warming is giving no chance for plants or animals to adapt. We've lost 70% of flying insects (these are gone) and 40% of phytoplankton, both having vital and irreplacable roles in sustaining life on earth.  Population control would help and I think needs to be implemented but its a topic ppl just don't want to know, its strange the desire to create offspring, I've none and quite okay with that decision. My guilt lies in that I enjoy personal transport, my petrol car, getting around; though my journeys are shorter nowadays and electric could suffice if pushed.

Posted on a blog someone commented that no matter how much material and links he hands out he doubts more than five percent actually read it or attempt to understand, even as the material is of high integrity and free of bias or cant.

good quality general overview ....

5th Dec 2017 ... I would have thought there should have been far more material tagged 2017 for ice loss, methane release etc but so much is prior to this, not so much this last year.

Its my view that all of this delay in response to the data and the catastrophe ahead is a singularly sad reflection on human nature, of the hubris of politicians, of Governments and the influence of Corporations that trickles down to individuals that once a money based affluence and a cosy consumer lifestyle has been tasted theres very few that will give it up as it is so tied in with being seen to be 'sucessful'. The greatest help would be to get most people to walk or cycle to work, cut needless illumination and adopt a one child policy, just as China has been doing for years, but now they've caught the 'Western Bug'. Also to drastically curtail needless recreational air travel, something I've seen and said as needless all my life. To my mind this endless desire to be 'modern' to be better than our ancestors is looking increasingly suspect, to become wiser as nations I would hope but the accoutrements of popular modernity have let us down badly, witness the manipulation of election results in the USA, the tailoring by google of search results and advertising to suit the individual.

Its as if its all a sick joke which is now the inevitable climate change, some Higher Being looking down on this and thinking .... "They cannot help themselves, their own collective arrogance, personal invincibility, perceived need and being egged on for psuedo-growth and consumerism, fossil fueled personal transport, the achingly slow response of Governments etc etc it will all be their downfall."

Even with our slick modern lifestyles we are agriculturally based even if some distant producer does the work for us, otherwise we don't eat; just as with the Babylonians and the Egyptians 8k years ago if crops fail, we fail. Now its a substantial side order of phytoplankton heaped onto our plate of disaster, being our principal Co2 recycler that is never visible to landlubbers yet is plumetting, along with a disastrous outlook for all land vegetation and trees; ice loss, ocean warming, wildfires, smoke, soot contamination of glaciers, melting, methane. What controls world weather, ie the jet stream, world ocean systems, heat differentials, etc  is all being hammered into oblivion and this self regulating globe is responding accordingly. The weather systems doesn't work because of us, it works because of itself, its own laws and interactions and manifold feedback loops. Theres a chance the wealthy elite will survive but the ordinary masses will be gone.

failed pic  .. click link below

#LongestTrafficJamInHistory lasted almost 10 days & you thought Indian traffic jams are bad. #ChinaNationalHighway110


9th Dec 2017  ... todays daily google for 'trump latest' brings up 'starving polar bears' which i cannot possibly view as moving image. Its obvious now that we are well embedded into the 'tipping point' on irreversible climate change and a quite soon mass extinction.

If anyone argues otherwise, which I never bother to generate, have them explain their understanding of world weather systems, feedback loops, contributory factors - so they know more than the Scientists !!   It baffles me why so many, maybe the majority cannot seem to realise and accept where we now are. Trump himself is the most despicable and dangerous fool, a man that struggles with the printed word, totally oblivious to world affairs and yet this week alone with his decision on Jerusalem has yet again created mayhem and anxiety, bloodshed. Pity it wasn't his when soldiers and civilians suffer the consequence of some dotard buffoon.

Professor Peter Wadhams himself says in his book  'A Farewell to Ice'  that there must be action now on climate change. But we all know it will never happen, we are addicted to all that exacerbates the problem. All that happens are piffling slight things and even the IPCC messes up its figures by factoring in as yet non-existant carbon capture, neither invented developed nor operational and by any standard of basic scientific method or accounting principles is a complete and utter fake version of the events to likely to unfold, along with an equally totally worthless timescale. Carbon capture needs to happen on a massive scale, dwarfing any Manhattan Project, just as Prof Wadhams tells us and we all know it will never happen. I have a feeling the rich think they can somehow get out of this, maybe thats why trump is so keen to hand them back so much money in his disgusting tax manipulations.

Just at the crucial time when we need more climate scientists, when we need to raise awareness, the orange buffoon in the White House is doing his absolute damned best to deny and hinder any such development of enlightened thinking. With hindsight you could call this the 'Age of Non-Enlightenment' of the 'Age of Darkness' as contrary to the mindset of times gone past  .... all can be laid at the feet of the aforementioned moron and his lackeys such as Scott Pruitt as recently placed in the Environmant Agency. Many scientists in the USA have been dismissed or handed totally unsuited positions, all are fearful, all know not to mention 'climate change'.  Who could have thought it would get so bad in this so-called 'modern age', except perhaps George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair) or Aldous Huxley, all their books I have here; which I guarantee trump does not !!

11th Dec 2017 ... youtube from Gov Brown of California. Strange how so many ignorant and retarded people think their pennyworth has value ie the many pointless climate deniers that insist on decrying the obvious ie the data.

Well said Governor Brown, yes indeed, the 'machinery of nature' is indeed taking over  ... I also wonder if the build up of particles from weather modification exacerbates the tendecy of these fires to rage so alarmingly.   The data itself as scientists know fine well indicate quite terrible events ahead, Arctic ice is now a transitory dwindling annual event, methane from thawing permafrost is a loaded gun and jet stream and ocean circulation all look to be modified alarmingly. And all at a very quick rate of change, much faster than in previous mass extinctions; its as if the 'machinery of nature' is taking over. Corporate testosterone and never ending need for political electability basically all sign our death certificates.

trumps crap today that he wants to send manned missions to the moon is as usual fifty years behind the times, I will think most people and scientists will agree it is what is happening ON THIS PLANET that needs resources and attention paid to it, not some dry usless ancillary sphere; yet another pointless edict from a redundant and retarded imbecile.

Dec 20th 2017 ... Its strange when googling Arctic methane that many links are one or three or more years old. I cannot believe there are still sceptics, when the data demonstrates the problem clearly enough. Heres science from scientists  ....

interesting  ....

heres an accurate and worthwhile daily overview, quick and informative ...

Aha ... its evening and google is loosening up so to speak and providing me with newer material, likewise youtube.

It is frustrating and frightening, plain bloody annoying that google (and other nefarious sources) can manipulate what information it is that I can view. Likewise trump and the Russia tie-up and election interference, we nowadays are so easily cowered, bent, directed as to what opinions we can form. The web is a wonderful thing but can also be quite terrible and yet again coming full circle to the ideas of George Orwell. That terrible-ness being manifest to my mind in climate deniers. Its happening, this is the data, lifelong scientists are basically shitting themselves and so should anyone with any brains. Its not often I resort to base language, my frustration and anger merely prompts such words. Did we have the same deniers in the transition from horse to IC engine? Yet to be calm and placid is the only reaction and is mine, anything other is pure insanity; World Leaders are far too slow in implementing whatever might help and to be honest its quite pointless now, again the data demonstrates as such ie no summer arctic ice, runaway arctic warming, reflectivity lost feeding the feedback loop, permafrost unfrozen and hence methane release, Greenland ice sheet melting, etc etc etc.

Dec 21st 2017 .... Succinct and how terrible the climate engineering above the USA  ...

Get updates from ...

I don't normally embed for this page but ppl like an embed and are more likely to view it than a link. Bottom RH of above, a week ago we had such skies here in the UK and where i would not normally expect to see so many parallel con trails. Likewise the sky on Tuesday 19th Dec 2017 northern UK was utterly bizarre, parallel trails in headings and sky they should normally never belong.

Others in the UK likewise are seeing skies that are NOT natural  ....

Tonight ie Sat 23rd Dec the evening sky was quite bizarre and over a long period of time, I would say 'modified' clouds; 'pretty' but worrying.  Who the hell do they think they are to alter the sky above ?

This above is the sort of image i am seeing north UK. Copied and pasted from the above link.

Deniers ??

Why is it that trump seems to say nothing about the California wildfires? Is he intentionally blocking such news availability by knowing his churn and chaos grabs the main picture ??  What seems to be not said sufficiently is that half a century of weather modification ie con trail spraying on the West Coast USA will have deposited extremely fine particles of I assume aluminium where it should not be. A major constituent of Thermite is a fine powder aluminium.

25th Dec 2017. Paul Beckwith in Canada works hard bringing insight and the latest on climate change. Here he demonstrates the silliness of Conferences where smaller African countries bloiw huge amounts of money and increase global warming by sending hundreds of needless delegates to these Conferences. Uh-oh gremlins ie pagination.

And here Paul Beckwith brings information re Jet Stream alterations  ...

27th Dec 2017. Theres lots here on this site, all science based and factual reporting on hard data.....

For instance it looks to be that 2018 gets up over the two degree mean (the Arctic is much much warmer) and will bring in more catastrophic self generating feedback loops, below is copy and paste from the afore-mentioned ...

(any film that shows a polar bear I just cannot bear to look at it, too distressing).

Everything seems to be engaged in both its own self exacerbating feedback loop as well as influencing and adding to the sum total of everything else, all other systems. A quick listing  .....

Jet Stream (ie high altitude up to 200mph winds) looping up into the Arctic bringing warmth and moisture.

Gulf Stream modification, as with all the worlds circulatory systems.

Weakening / loss of Greenland ice mass with water seeping deep into fissures, algal and smoke darkening aiding melt.

Loss of ice in Arctic waters hence heating, churn and movement on ocean floor, permafrost being thawed.

Permafrost releasing methane (20 - 100 potency of CO2) and a most likely massive event in the next decade.

Loss of phytoplankton ie carbon capture and oxygen provider.

Loss of tree cover, fires;

Skies darkening hence further loss of agriculture, smoke particles help thaw any remaining glaciers worldwide;

Sea level rise.

And the IPCC climate prediction and modelling is dangerously inadequete, no mention of methane release and incorporating carbon capture that is yet to be invented.

Who knew nature could be so complex to paraphrase the disaster zone known as trump.

23rd Jan 2018.
Anyone that knows me knows of my passion fr freshwater biology, diatoms etc. This last week I'm reading about Fukushima and the ongoing loss of all levels of marine life in the Pacific, but the reporting of coral loss is generally slghtly skewed. Few if any seem to mention that with the disappearance / death of all the small animals (generally classified as Bryozoans I vaguely remember) we in turn now see 'white' coral reefs ie devoid of life, just a few fish swimming around as if caretakers of an empty space. The term 'bleached is endlessly repeated but the coral that the tiny animals built and lived in always was white. No 'bleaching' has occured, only mass death. But no-one in easily accessable online material states that its the collapse of the algae, microscopic and otherwise that has killed off coral reefs, which is my personal opinion of the situation. Likewise look at footage of west coast USA, marine life washed up in vast quantities, starved, malformed, ulcerated. Imagine, bears all along the west coast wilderness areas will now have nothing to feed on when salmon used to run. Likewise the forests, the land was fertilised from their faeces and half eaten food.

From the above links we read that ocean acidification as well as rising temperature all impact heavily and in effect control planktons existence or non-existence, the scientists talk quite openly that many species will die and probably others become dominant and its good to see it explained that what diatoms feed on controls what bears eat (or not eat)  in addition remember Fukushima has infiltrated all of the Pacific, its an all points onslaught !

Note that plankton at sea converts easily as much CO2 and releases the equal of oxygen as all the forests on land, the plankton itself being 40% less than in 1950. Its hard to find 2017 figures. Meanwhile forests are stripped for a year of burger production. So, with the loss of plankton alone it means we will all be gasping for breath, never mind the hundred other factors that are quickly turning this planet into a non-human or non-mammal enterprise. Trump and his sycophants know fine well whats happening, hence the huge and obscene tax handbacks to the already obscenely rich.

Its difficult to find recent information re ocean plankton, trump has deliberately stripped the EPA and placed a climate denier Scott Pruitt in charge with scientists dismissed or placed in totally unworthy admin roles. Even the term 'climate change' is forbidden. This is a crime against nature and against humanity. And so many will not speak out against this evil and chaos.

I cannot see how the Clown in the White House can be allowed to continue, yesterday Monday he slaps a 30% tarriff on solar panels. His incompetence and the mindset of his puppet masters is of epic proportions, of world catastrophic proportions.

At the weekend it looks that Womens Marches were vastly under estimated re crowd size. Mainstream media played it all down.

26th Jan 2018.
Its good George Soros and others call out the danger of facebook and web manipulation/ flow managemant of what users can access. I'd have beaten George to it as a couple of days ago because it became obvious that search results are not being presented to me, the youtube channel Climate State suddenly appeared loud and powerful, why had I not seen this?  Maybe it had been lurking there somewhere on the listings but I somehow hadn't noticed or clicked.  This echoes back to what I've said from first having web access from 2006 (something my wife did her best to deny me, crazy as it is a boon to business and photography etc) .... in that so much of what we read is search specific and also at what google deigns is appropriate for us. Or give me a textbook or a set of encyclopedias and its incredible how so much material and knowledge can flash by in a seconds or minutes, leading to lots of new things to follow up. The web 'sort of' succeeds in that wiki is most useful, also quick dips into foreign words and language...... but but but.   Art images are so sadly lacking here online compared to what I can quickly glean from the set of distinctive red bound 1964 Caxton Encyclopedias, high quality material as even now they seem so 'undated' apart from technology and as is painfully obvious anything machine tools or manufacturing whaich was badly written in the first place.  My dad could only afford half the set when I was ten or twelve, so until twenty years ago when I found a full set in a junk shop all I knew was to 'G'.

Its still difficult to find the latest results re climate change, so much is happening so quickly. tells us that only recently its been realised that there are massive amounts of unfrozen potentially free circulating but trapped or capped methane gas that so far has been locked much deeper than the frozen methane hydrate and with meltwater pools and general seepage and erosion of what was a solid frozen cap sealing it all in now has been discovered to add to the impending danger of hydrate release. Climate change is even a term denied and forbidden from trump downwards.

Its ironic that 70% of the worlds oil and gas reserves originate from the oil in each microscopic diatom, yet consuming that oil has led to the downfall of life on this planet, triggering change; if the diatoms go then we cannot breathe, the oceans die, we choke to death apart from the hundred other adverse effects that are now set in motion.  Its like a vast sick joke, the forces of time and nature are wreaking revenge on our slick capitalist constructions as if judging us. Unlike trumps flacid lame pointless and nowhere going so-called Presidency the machinery of nature is indeed a 'serious character', its laws are immutable. We will be seen as a tiny sliver thin record on the geological strata with huge deposits of junk and non-degradable debris fouling the planet.

Ongoing personal grumble is that I could work through material so much quicker of I could :-
a) read the text as a document.
b) irritating synthesised voice overs on youtube, sometimes inaccurate.
c) the huge leap required to try to assimilate professional material, sometimes we wonder the product of younger minds fishing for points for their PhDs.

For instance the latest found since the last post three days ago  .....

Acidification of the Pacific and as we knew plankton dieing off massively (how much a Fukishima effect?)  hence coral reef widescale death. Its happening, these are not what might happen, its gone. 'Bleaching' being a particularly irritating misnomer in common use, the coral always was white. I'm assuming diatom death = coral death.


Destruction/ loss and cessation of USA west coast fisheries; marine mammal and fish stocks dead, malformed or absent.

Ongoing US EPA castration and gutting, climate denier 'leading the team'...... Scientists fired or put on payroll.

Geological methane until now not realised apart from frozen methane hydrates as adding to the most certain catastropic 'burps'.

Meltpools on the ice are feeding downwards to crumble/ render to Swiss cheese the remaining ice sheets.

Antarctic ice loss greater than realised  (most focus has been in the north)  quickly working back to the really big sections of ice; serious and quick sea level rise.

And there are deniers !?

Its quite 'funnyfrightening' how 'one hundred years' is bandied around as a possible timescale for such and such effect or disruption etc to occur yet reality will prove much quicker.

postscript from this mornings work .... Could it be that the huge blast holes (pictured at the beginning of this page) in the east Siberian land mass are geological methane and not from frozen hydrate? This would figure. Hydrates are a hiss, geological is a bang. Also I question a statement made in the  opening vid re a 2017 overview ie diatoms and the 'effect of acidification' resulting in malformation; no, in my opinion acidification merely reduces population sizes, it is more I fear the Fukushima effect.

ongoing  .... i'll post as I find it. All links are as valid as can be found, nothing cranky or from non-scientists.

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