a most cruel and insane deportation .....
Irene Clennel.
Her life is here in the UK, yet out of the blue mysterious dark officials grind someones life to dust. A most dreadful and totally needless deportation; we read that she worked her way throughout her three decades, never claimed benefits in her life of thirty years in the UK. Solid decent people. And notice how in the report we are told four people flew her back to a country she no longer has any connection with, having built a life here in the UK for thirty years. Try to imagine what she has had to endure in this insane, pointless and utterly destructive deportation and perpetrated on a Sunday when all legal help is out of reach. Criminality dressed up as 'Government'.

Theresa May should be made answerable for this.... though I'm not very happy with PM TM as to my mind a mere four percent swing to leave the EU (as much as I detest much of what the EU means for the UK) is no reason for the utter turmoil and ball-breaking expense of extricating ourselves from what appears to be a non-democratic organisation. And look at Farage now that theres work to be done he's nowhere in sight and more recently looking highly suspicious. One of my main criticisms of the EU being to my mind a non-democratic organisation is that it seems unable to 'bend' or accomodate other than views promulgated behind closed doors, its debating chamber often a charade (unworkable) and I find homogenisation and erosion of national identity to be highly undesirable.

I also think that in regard to Irene Clennel and people in her situation the £18,600 ruling as to income and deportation being triggered beneath that level is quite cruel and ignorant, in county Durham where Irene lived and being away from the higher costs of the south of England a more modest income is quite normal. I wonder what PM Theresa May has to say about that!

name of victim : Irene Clennel.

Theres crowd-funding to help her legal battle : https://www.gofundme.com/bringirenehome

What the hell is happening in this world??

Henry Rousso.
Likewise the mayhem, idiocy and blind ignorance displayed by USA border controls as a highly regarded French academic attempts to attend a routine no hassle conference in the USA  ... https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/26/us/french-historian-detained-immigration-henry-rousso.html

name of victim : Henry Rousso.

Its hard to believe things are so bad so quickly. Everything Orwell predicted has arrived, likewise Huxley. Why is it such madness takes hold so quickly?  http://kllrchrd4.livejournal.com/176888.html

I find that here in the UK bbc news is a poor substitute, slow, way behind the loop, patchy coverage. If that were my 'window onto the world' then I would be sorely ignorant.

postscript, history must never be forgotten or concealed, heres the very sorry sad tale of the infamous refusal to assist refugees; the ship 'St Louis' full of persecuted Europeans fleeing the holocaust, only to be turned back to inevitable death in Hitlers camps. Someone else that was an expert in propoganda and lies, hood-winking the masses.  Note how the newspaper clip of the time tells us fine well that scores on board even carried Consular Visas with them to ensure their safe arrival on American soil. And of course mid-journey the law was reversed and their pass to safety became worthless.


Alice Paul - Suffragette.
Theres lots i don't know, in fact its fair to say i know very little indeed. This is borne out by very ordinary people being able to provide illumination to me on things that tv viewers probably will know fine well. However to my mind I suppose its an illustration of the well known adage of the more that we learn the more we realise how little we know.

But that doesn't bother me, give me a few minutes and I can soon provide illumination to things 'ornery folk will be oblivious to.

A startling revelation tonight was reading of Alice Paul and the Suffrage movement of a century ago. What those poor things withstood and endured to work toward gaining the vote! And also the at times obscene behaviour of their protagonists. Its as most efficient for me to post links and to encourage others to google henceforward .....



A link has to be read for it to carry weight, for it to convey value, increasingly we live in a 'click' mentality when in fact its the body of text itself that requires to be read and digested.

We can also say that we can gain insight from their difficult journey in how 'officialdom' / the party line can be so cruel and unthinking.

I was only taking orders they would say  ...

I can see a Nazi uniform ......

above is .... https://youtu.be/7wRIAXc_w2E

Reaction to a performance by Stephen Miller.

above ..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9wo9DAVtko

Stephen Miller again displays unashamedly extreme unsuitedness to his recent installation to the White House. Can you see the Nazi uniform ???  I'm afraid if I was behind the interviewrs desk I would be screaming by the end of Stephen Millers ignorant crass and bigoted tirade.  They brought that little bunny out the bag again  'disenfranchised working ppl'  ... since when have such intensely ambitous white creeps ever held such folk in any regard whatsoever.

above  ... https://youtu.be/2PzhMVGru6w

Silver-tongued Stephen Miller !!  ..... it would be funny if it wasn't so absolutely frightening. Wow have Trump and Bannon found their disciple in this 'piece of work'.  As said before of this most dreadful 'administration' it would beggar belief at the discussions held in private and again why was the recording turned off when Trump was talking to Putin ???

Where are Trumps rusting tombstones, his wave upon wave of brown folk of evil intent?  And that bloody wall, better circumvent it and take an airflight!

I think we can see  Stephen Miller has spent a lot of time practicing in his bedroom. Very slick, he knows nearly all the tricks of rhetoric. All the 'hooks' and asides to draw his listener in, but I'm not going to point out what he doesn't know.  The Nazis paid great effort to the power of talk such as this; graceless, conceited, an ultimate bigot.

The garbage gets endless and thicker, we've had a lull of a couple of days and now its turned on full again.

ie  http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/king-stephen-miller-latest-liar-bigot-team-trump-article-1.2971639

Also, The Washington Post and The New Yorker are often useful visits.  

Crikey .... she's good !!
Just found this album a few days ago quite by chance. I am utterly enthralled and captivated by this woman, Karen Dalton 'Green Rocky Road' Pine Street Recordings. It will get a lot of play in this house.

I gain great satisfaction from hearing this album.

Yet strangely theres a distinct similarity to my adventures with VDGG in that for instance 'Plague of Lighthouse Keepers' as recorded in the Belgian tv studio is brilliant beyond words yet the album version leaves me cold. Likewise with Karen here, so far on my ramblings theres nothing compares.

link for embed below  .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rDyEOOWTN4




Insanity from the White House ....
And now an all too obvious cretinous malfunction of common sense and decency.

ie  ... http://uk.businessinsider.com/national-security-council-steve-bannon-new-barbarity-2017-1

Its as if we have retarded computer game obsessed teenagers suddenly propelled to the highest Office!

It baffles me that people with no track record of public service, no learning or knowledge of the required agenda, Government or serious longterm political career are now calling the shots. One of the secrets of life is to know ones limitations.  Seemingly no concern as to how ordinary people function, believe, require or strive for; in other words how to Govern in a Democracy.  The sometimes use of the term  'the people'  is an insult, he and his skewed coterie care nothing for the general mass of ordinary people or any realisation of their position.

Theres also a strange insane obsession with calamity and war; as adults we put such things behind us, we focus on moving forward to a better world, not into a spiral of madness, invented facts, imagined dangers.

I've seen this creeping anxious bullshit elsewhere ie "Things are gonna get worse"....... No its not !! (or wasn't).  Its an excuse to justify this bizarre trump Administration (if such a valid term is an appropriate description) shooting down the rapids of Government in his little boat of inexperience and childish petulence, next to no knowledge and crazy mindset.

It particularly irked me that the Oval Office recording was turned off when on the phone to Putin.

And overnight we hear of the threat to 'defund' California! This beggars belief.

So thats how he does business eh, to threaten. The rich kid cannot get his way so he turns nasty. There should be a forum for all his contractors to relate their experiences. I've read that he probably holds the record for the number of times he has been sued by his sub-contractors.

..... No, things are fine or were fine at least before January 20th; the birds sing, the sun rises, minimal war-mongering, most folk that want to have a job have one, or business, or engage in something helpful or constructive, a place in Society and all function within a framework generally based of time proven experience and mutual respect.  No different from any group or society around the world as long as they are not hindered or violated, be they advanced or primitive agrarian.

The only thing (everything) thats  'gonna get worse'  is the madness from the White House. Such wholesale chaos and evil intent is contrary to all human nature.

And of course this week trump (he's not worth the capital letter) looks set to make the moves that he was really put there for in the first place, rampant unlocking of checks and balances to Big Money America. He is shallow, one dimensional, as thin as paper.

Interestingly late Sunday afternoon we had the harrowing tale of the HBOS scandal where thugs in suits scheme to ingratiate then wrest and control companies away from their founders and owners to basically grab obscene amounts of money, all the while under the guise of 'legitimate' consultants and staff of the Banking System. The stench beggars belief ie ....   http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08fg81w    This is big money fraud and for years they got away with it even when multiple complaints to all the relevany authotities and the Police drew a blank.

We need levity, this certainly amuses and based suprisingly on 'fact' .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWuc18xISwI  .. one of the few things I've ever watched a second and third time.

a worthwhile resume of the madness so far ... http://www.smh.com.au/world/the-madness-of-donald-trumps-attack-on-the-media-20170207-gu7rze.html

truly frightening  .....  http://uk.businessinsider.com/book-steve-bannon-is-obsessed-with-the-fourth-turning-2017-2

r3 at its best ....
It is a radio channel of three parts as befits the name, one third often astoundingly excellent, one third okayish and one third sometimes bloody awful. But they are committed to playing all sorts of music, genres, periods etc. After all they did have the excellent 'World Routes' on Saturday afternoons and thats where among other things I got my fascination with music from Algeria, likewise the fabulous hour we had on board HMS Victory and I learnt so much of traditional songs i never knew existed, Sam Larner, etc. My life is enriched because of it.

I basically owe my musical education to bbc r3, lots put in front of me to make my own choices. Luckily last night we had a repeat of Alice from Crackpot Hall and the story of the place and the people, particularly young Alice. An utter gem of a radio broadcast, theres others too all available as podcasts.


I've seen other places on my rambles and often wondered what the story was.

someone ahead of me ...
I couldn't put it better myself, drawing from two books (and authors) I was very keen on nearly forty years ago.


Am I allowed to quote?

I quote  ...

This was, in spirit, the vision that Huxley predicted way back in 1931, the dystopia my father believed we should have been watching out for. He wrote:

What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read one. Orwell feared those who would deprive us of information. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egoism. Orwell feared that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance. Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture.

end of quote.

as a writer I admired for many years would say 'nuff sed'!

And here as dessert an insight to Bannons misguided crooked and crass outlook, desperate for conflict with China, unable to somehow realise that its due to China that brands, manufacturers (ie mostly assemblers)  importers etc have reaped phenomenal profits on the backs of wafer thin China margins. Its as if the Trump so called Administration is like a poor farmers mechanical muck spreader, going its rounds of the fields, wonky, barely functioning, spraying shit anywhere and everywhere and it stinks.  https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/feb/02/steve-bannon-donald-trump-war-south-china-sea-no-doubt

A sand-bar in the China Sea is none of Bannons business, nor are many other locations he seems to focus on.

Latest is we have Kellyane Conway fabricating and inventing total non-truths for an imagined homeland massacre at Bowling Green KY. Theres no limit to how low they will stoop. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/feb/03/kellyanne-conway-refugees-bowling-green-massacre-never-happened

to keep abreast of the insanity ....
I find this link below most useful, having a life to lead, things to do, it serves well. So much so far of British reporting (and BBC output) seems to be acting overly cautious as if these were far more trivial misdemeanours than they actually are and not particularly critical of the crap coming out of the White House.  Pragmatic seems to be the term in use to excuse them from lack of outrage, I would say to the extent of being skewed.

This is useful ... https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/live/2017/jan/29/donald-trump-us-travel-ban-refugees-airports

****** and all my page titles have disappeared !!

The Lie Factory aka Trump ....
I was thinking exactly the same myself earlier this afternoon, in that its less than a week and already I cannot stand Trumps voice nor his extraordinarily dangerous vile insane antics.

The above post title is taken from the vid at bottom of page to the following link.


The title of the piece says it all ....

We Are Running Out of Ways to Say That President Trump Is a Dangerous, Delusional Lunatic

In fact this last day or two whenever I see video of him he looks like an imposter, an impersonater, a mimic.

Equally frightening is that he can garner around him sycophants that can swallow and promote this garbage, it fears me as to what perverted conversations they must have behind closed doors, their mindset. Which most certainly we can say is 'not for general consumption'.

I'm not sure whether he's closer to Hitler or Kim Jong Un.

For the first few days of this crap I was becoming ill, but now I realise this vile insanity will continue to be churned out as if on auto-pilot. As we all know there is no rational sane compassionate thinking to any of this. A complete and utter misunderstanding of human nature.

Trump says torture works.
Trump wants to disassemble NATO, Trade Agreements, anything.
Safe abortion denied for instance to women raped.
Denying the role of Mexico as a neighbour and Trade Partner.
Pence says smoking doesn't kill .....

All we need now is the Hitler Youth, sorry Trump Youth or maybe the Ivanka Brigade  .... maybe he's going to work on that next week.

If Putin wanted to de-stabilise the West he has hit the jackpot, an endlesss seam of gold.

Martians must be looking down on this and saying  .... "What a 24 carat gold plated f#cktard".

Yet any sane thinking person knows and hopes fine well that common sense must surely prevail.

Trump in a few days and less than a week has attempted to push the clock back seventy years.

This afternoon i was playing some Graham Bond tracks circa 1964 as mentioned previously; at 25 mins in to his excellent album 'Love is the Law' we get the track   'Strange Times'   which word for word more than fifty years later fits perfectly the strange new sentiment of the poisoned Trump air we all now breath  ....


Postscript, the horror that this cretin Trump and his lackeys insist on promulgating seems boundless, a barrage of hatred and stupidity. For instance  ..... http://www.smh.com.au/world/donald-trump-could-do-something-mad-and-provoke-war-says-exmilitary-commander-20170127-gu0g4s.html

I have Chinese friends and a fundamental point is that they need require and respect 'steadiness' which is the opposite of the child now at the White House.

theres lots, for instance  ... http://uk.businessinsider.com/trump-is-not-a-rational-actor-2017-1?r=US&IR=T

further postscript.

Insulting veterans of the Civil Rights Movement timed as to be on MLK Day.

Banning Moslems timed as to be on Holocaust Remembrance Day, yet those countries where it is supposed the 9/11 emenated get off scot-free !!

Of the above Holocaust Remembrance Day no reference to Jewish suffering.

ie warped, twisted, dangerous, incompetent.

I think we'll find very soon he willl be selling off all his business holdings, the Trump brand willl be seen as toxic and very soon become nothing but debt, no people whatever will want to avail themselves of anything he has to offer, whether owned or merely branded. Of course this will be massaged as a 'big act' to appease his critics something magnanimous as a servant of the people, but it will be an act of frightened desperation to unoad loss-making enterprises. 

worthwhile commment  ...  https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/01/a-clarifying-moment-in-american-history/514868/

Fascinating to learn of .....

Theres lots of good journalism coming out of America right now, being insulted and denigrated has sharpened their response. Even though common sense and sensible values are under a great onslaught from a so called 'elected' buffoon,  good sense and morality will certainly prevail, the populace will not and can not let such idiocy prevail. Already i feel Martial Law is in Trumps head (God forbid).

for instance  .... http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/trump-auto-jobs-twitter-1.3939714

also, one of a huge avalanche of material  .... http://www.huffingtonpost.com/daniel-berger/trump-profile-of-a-sociopath_b_11318128.html .... for instance we learn of thousands of lawsuits brought against him from unpaid subcontractors. I also detest his desire to label all of a natiuonality as if all are hopeless, a cheap ploy to rattle in more votes from the gullible. There must be huge numbers of doctors, teachers, professors, engineers etc etc and ordinary hard working thrifty folk that are insulted by this and compromised by unfounded animosity from total strangers. This is how NOT to run a country.

Further suggestions: try the New Yorker, the gloves are off, interesting read....

postscript,  the eve of the inaugration; I cannot believe that at this point there is still any Trump supporter remaining in the USA. His fantasy, obfuscation, CONSTANT SELF-CONTRADICTION  and straightforward lack of ability for the impending role signal we are in for a lot of turbulence before we land. I've not read this anywhere but i think Trump and (to a lesser extent) Brexit signal a similar problem in that we allow anyone and everyone to cast their vote, a fine and dandy Democratic process BUT .... in many cases there is not sufficient ability nor real-effect discussion to prevent simple folk being 'taken for a ride' by possibly both sides, the arguaments are not as clearcut and straightforward as initially assumed. However with Brexit the  INABILITY  to bend the EU decision making process is in itself surely a signal that it is a club we must avoid. Yet Farage who made it his lifes work to get us out and appeared so plausable to me, has disappeared into thin air, looking as if given up on the job when only the real work has now begun, boy-o-boy has he plummeted in my estimation. My heart goes out to Theresa May, so easy to criticise yet she has a gargantuan task to cope with.

further postscript ...  now it is the morning of his inaugration and though I have been an avid seeker for information re Trump  once he had won the election its now I feel literally physically sick. For me it will have to be a no-news-day.

Yet I did tune in on radio and actually was in tears (of fear) as to what is to come. A most limited vocabulary, a horrible speech, devoid of vision, devoid of any 'goodness' or inclusivity, pretending, grasping at half formed fleeting soundbites that are irrelevant to this present day world; as if written by a twelve year old.

And it continued as the weekend slipped by, madness, insult, bufoonery beyond imagination, for instance  ... http://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/trumps-vainglorious-affront-to-the-c-i-a

Hell-bent on thrashing wildly at policy and areas he knows nothing, as if he has never read a newspaper for decades and like a worse case example of a dreaded 'new manager' who comes in and makes catastrophic changes for change sake. His over-use and needless use of the word 'great' is appalling, he should be made to sit down one to one and explain off the cuff quite what he means by 'great'. We are in fine form, trade routes are established, International Diplomacy in reasonable form and China bashing is absurd; it is due to China that importers, brands etc can make huge margins, contrary to Trumps delusion such manufacturing can never re-enter homeland USA when shackled with typical western cost-bases. Fantasy, fanyasy, fantasy.

And his endless scare mongering that everyone fears could be implemented is creating universal discord and fear.

And its only a few hours since he was sworn in  ........ God help us !


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